Friday, February 27, 2009

Run For Your Life

Run For Your Life by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Michael Bennet is a New York police Detective whose latest case is trying to catch a maniacal killer who calls himself The Teacher. His mission is to teach manners to the world not to flaunt wealth or be obnoxious in any way. The Teacher kills several people in rapid succession at upscale locations. He quickly changes appearance before each one. But in post 9/11 New York, citizens are more observant than ever. Bennet and his team get clues to The Teacher’s identity. The story moves quickly from there in exciting twists and turns with a dramatic ending you may not expect.

Michael Bennet is a likable character. He is a dedicated detective but also a widowed parent to 10 children. During the Teacher’s reign of terror, Mike’s 10 kids are all down with the flu. This epidemic brings some humor to a tension filled story. All parents can relate to puking kids. He manages to do it all with the help of Mary Catherine, the Irish nanny and his dad, Father Seamus Bennet. Mary Catherine is ever present and extremely competent at caring for all the kids. You can easily see a future between her and Mike.

This is the second novel with Mike Bennet. “Step on a Crack “ is the first one and tells the story of his wife’s death from cancer. I think I read it but may have to reread it since I can’t remember it clearly. I’ve always enjoyed reading anything by James Patterson and Run For Your Life was no exception. It was fast paced and surprising. He is s sometimes critized for being formulaic in his writing but I have liked just about every one of his books.
I would definitely recommend this or any of Patterson’s books.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why I Read

Why I Read

I have been a reader for as long as I can remember. As a child my dad would take me to the library, where I would take out as many books as I could. Once we got home I would spend an hour deciding on what order I’d read them in, arranging and rearranging the stack as the afternoon went on. I couldn’t wait to start a new book. I’d read long after bedtime with a flashlight, half listening for footsteps so I wouldn’t get caught. Books have always been great friends to me. I can get lost in a story very easily. In books you can be whoever or whatever you’re reading about. I know I’ll never be a police detective or a heroine in a romance novel but in a book I can pretend and then go back to reality. My favorite novels are murder mystery and suspense. But I’ll read just about anything.
I look forward to sharing my latest reads and am always looking for new books to add to my list.